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How To Do a Double Leg Drop Cable Pullover

The double leg drop cable pullover is the kind of exercise that you'll want to tackle if you are at an advanced skill level. This exercise involves the use of two different kinds of exercise equipment: the aerobic steps as well as the cable machine. It promotes improvement of coordination, functionality, power, endurance and strength. An advanced core (abdominal muscle) workout, the double leg drop cable pullover is classified as a compound exercise that additionally targets your arms and back. It targets your upper abdominal muscles first, and then your lower abdominals.

To do the double leg drop cable pullover, you will need a cable machine, aerobic steps (you can also opt for something else that can prop you up, such as a bench), and exercise clothes.

1. Get into the Proper Position

You want to start this exercise by making sure that you have enough space to set up the exercise area. At the cable machine, you should set up a stack of aerobic steps high enough to act as a solid workout bench. Lie down flat on the aerobic steps so that both of your arms can easily grasp the pulleys on the cable machine, which should be behind you. Assume a position where both of your legs are raised to a 90 degree form as you ensure that your back remains perfectly flat on the aerobic steps. At the same time, hold the cable pulleys from the cable machine in both of your hands over your chest.

2. Open up Your Form

Begin the actual double leg drop cable pullover by opening yourself up. From your starting position, extend both your legs and arms so that your whole body ends up being in a full horizontal position. While opening yourself up like this, you must make sure to still keep your back in a perfectly flat and straight position on the aerobic steps. Also make certain that your movement as you open yourself up is controlled and slow; this will ensure that the chances of injuring yourself are a lot less.

3. Work Those Core Muscles

You are now entering into the final motion in a repetition, the motion where your core muscles will get the full benefit of the double leg drop cable pullover exercise. After opening your position up, raise the legs and arms back up to the original starting position. As you do this, keep in mind that your core muscles should be at their most engaged and feeling the brunt of this workout. Keep your back pressed fully against the aerobic steps while bringing both your legs and arms back up.

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