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How To Do a Crossover Single Leg Drop

The crossover single leg drop is another intermediate workout. At its heart, this exercise will focus on challenging your sense of balance, strength, power, control and flexibility. Working out only part of your core muscles, the crossover single leg drop targets your lower abs along with your obliques. This workout does not need any equipment and is very straightforward, for which you will be glad.

To do this exercise with some degree of effectiveness, you must have already built up your abdominal muscles in such a way that they can handle a good bit of strain. You will be holding a certain position in this workout, so brace yourself. In this how-to process, you will require exercise clothing, an amount of free space around you, a mat and a good mental attitude.

1. Assume the Correct Position

Place your mat on the ground after choosing a good amount of free space. Lie down on the mat with your back flat. From this basic posture, you will want to pull one knee in toward you while you keep the other leg perfectly straight in the air and raised. The knee that you have pulled toward you should be bent at the knee so that it forms a 90 degree right angle.

2. Do the Crunch

Go into a crunch position by raising your arm that is opposite to the leg which is bent at 90 degrees and pulled in towards you. After raising your arm, bend it and place your hand behind your head. Now, cross over with your upper body and touch the elbow of your arm to the previously mentioned knee. This motion will exercise you abdominal muscles as it "crunches" them through the act of crossing your upper body over to touch your elbow to your bent knee.

At this juncture in the exercise, make sure to keep the contact between your bent knee and your elbow, essentially holding this posture. Simultaneously, begin to gradually lower your straight and raised leg down to the ground. As you go through this movement of lowering said leg, you will additionally work your abdominal muscles, and you should feel the burn as you do so. Again, breathing properly will help you through this series of movements by keeping your nerves steady and your mind focused, so be sure to both inhale and exhale properly.

3. Raise Your Leg to Finish Repetition

After you have brought your leg down, you need to bring it up again to finish the repetition and begin a new one. As you do so, take care not to slow down or stop entirely. You want one, fluid and continuous motion from when you bring your leg down to when you raise it up again. Moreover, you still have to hold the position of the crossover crunch, which is your one elbow touching the bent knee.

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