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How To Do a Cross Over Crunch Leg Drop

A cross over crunch leg drop is an exercise with an above average difficulty. This more advanced exercise is a combination of two exercises: the cross over crunch and the leg drop. Both of these target the core muscles, which consist of the muscles in your abdominals and your back. Its benefit is to improve the strength of the muscles in your core region and also their tone. Due to the elevated difficulty in this workout, you are advised to not only take it easy, but also to stop immediately when you feel any amount of pain.

In this how-to process, you will require workout clothes, a good amount of free space on the floor and an exercise mat.

1. Position Yourself Properly

Place your mat on the floor after choosing a location that has enough free space for you to lie down in comfort. Lie down on the mat with your feet flat and your knees at 45 degree angles. The placement of your feet is quite important, so be sure to place them at about hip's width apart. You will also want to cup your hands behind your ears.

2. Go into the Cross Over

Begin to raise your torso up off the floor so that both your shoulder blades as well as your shoulders are now off the ground. Don't pause at the top of this movement; instead, twist your torso toward your left knee. Once in this position, hold it for a second or so before lowering your torso back to the starting position. To exercise your other side, just repeat this movement with your torso, but instead of twisting to your left knee, twist to your right knee. Hold the position for a second or so again, and then lower your body to the floor, making sure not to pause between repetitions. Now that you're on your back again, you will incorporate the leg drop into your workout so that you get the benefit of two types of exercises.

3. Go into the Leg Drop

From your position lying flat on your back with your feet at hip width apart and knees bent at 45 degree angles, you may want to give your lower back extra protection by first forming a triangle with both of your hands and then placing them under your lower back. Once in this position, you can then straighten both of your legs toward the ceiling at the same time while flexing your heels. Then, slowly drop one leg toward the floor, but before it makes contact, raise it slowly by pointing your heel and then raising the leg in a controlled motion. You must then do this same repetition for the other leg, taking care not to pause between the repetitions.

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