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How to Do a Core Board Push Up Knee Tuck

The core board push up knee tuck is a great total body exercise that incorporates the use of a core board. A core board is a piece of exercise equipment that, as the name suggests, is made out of core. Using core boards increases the intensity of your workout because they decrease the stability of your work surface, thereby forcing you to rely more on your core muscles to maintain stability.

About the Core Board Push Up Knee Tuck

The core board push up knee tuck is a total body exercise that can be included in the workout of exercisers who are interested in strengthening and toning the muscles of the chest, core and legs. Using total body exercises in your workouts is a great idea because they not only decrease the amount of time that must be spent exercising, but also teach you body how to work with greater ease.

Positioning Your Body

As with any new exercise, it is important to position your body properly before attempting it. When trying the core board push up with knee tuck, start by placing the core board in the center of a space that has been cleared of all dumbbells or other equipment that could potentially interfere with your workout. Come onto all fours on the ground, and place your hands firmly on the outer edge of the core board. Make sure that your fingers are facing forward. Now, lift your knees off the ground so you are standing on your toes. Walk your feet out slightly from your body so that you are in a straight, diagonal line from your head to your feet. This is otherwise known as the "push up position."

Performing the Core Board Push Up Knee Tuck

Now that you are positioned properly, you can begin to perform the exercise. Start by taking a few deep breaths. As you inhale, slowly bend your elbows, lowering your body toward the ground. As your body lowers to the ground, bring your right knee toward the front of your body, angled towards your left elbow. Once your elbows are bent to a 90 degree angle, use the muscles in your chest and arms to push yourself back up to the starting position. At the same time, extend your right leg back out behind you, so that by the time you are at your starting position, both legs are firmly planted on the ground. Perform the maneuver again, but this time bring your left knee toward your right elbow. Do at least 10 push ups, alternating the knee that comes forward with each repetition. Do another 2 sets of 10 repetitions in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity

This is a relatively challenging exercise, and because of this there is not a whole lot of changes that can be made to increase the intensity while at the same time ensuring safety. One way to make this exercise more difficult is by closing your eyes while performing it. This forces you to rely more fully on your core muscles to keep yourself balanced, thereby increasing the intensity.

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