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How to Do a Bosu Trunk Twist

The bosu trunk twist is a great exercise if you are interested in a new, interesting way to strengthen and tone your abs. Be sure to have a bosu handy in order to properly perform this exercise. You'll be able to purchase one at most sporting goods supply stores.

About the Bosu Trunk Twist

The bosu trunk twist is a great exercise that strengthens and tones the abdominal and oblique muscles, as well as those of the lower back. As the name suggests, this exercise is performed on a bosu, which is composed of half of a stability ball, which is then fused onto a hard, black platform. This piece of equipment is used to create an unstable working surface, which therefore helps to increase the intensity of nearly all exercises performed on it.

Positioning Your Body

Before you perform the bosu trunk twist, you must position your body properly. Start by selecting a bosu, and placing it on the ground in an area that is free from other pieces of gym equipment that could potentially cause injury. Sit on top of the bosu, with your legs extended straight out in front of your body. At this point, your arms should be resting comfortably in front of your body, with your hands on your lap. Sit as tall as you can on the bosu, with your head pointing up directly at the ceiling.

Performing the Bosu Trunk Twist

Now that you are positioned properly, you can begin to perform the bosu trunk twist. Start by taking a few deep breaths. As you exhale your breath, lean back slightly, bringing your back a bit closer to the bosu. Now, twist your body to one side, and tap your hands on the bosu next to your left hip. Make sure both hands touch the bosu in order to ensure your are achieving an optimal degree of torso twist. Now, twist to the other side, and tap your hands on the bosu by this hip. Again, make sure to touch both hands to the bosu. Continue doing this for at least twenty seconds. Take a short break, and do another two sets of twenty seconds in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity of the Bosu Trunk Twist

One easy way to increase the intensity of this exercise is by lifting one or both legs while twisting your body. This not only requires you to maintain a greater sense of balanced, thereby more fully engaging your core, but also increases the weight that the abdominal muscles must support. This makes the exercise much more difficult. Start by lifting one leg off the ground, and performing the routine. Once this becomes too easy, lift both legs off the ground.

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