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How to Do a Bosu Squat and Row

The Bosu ball, or Bosu balance trainer, is a key element of the exercise known as the Bosu squat and row. The Bosu ball is a revolutionary piece of exercise equipment that is relatively new, having only been invented in 1999 by David Weck. Often referred to as a blue half-ball, the Bosu ball is a rubber hemisphere which is connected to a platform that is rigid. A quite complicated exercise, the Bosu squat and row is a good exercise for your quadriceps as well as your mid-back muscles. Your stabilizing muscles in your hips will also be engaged. A benefit that you should notice from this exercise is tighter hips, abdominal muscles and also glutes.

In this how-to process, you will require a Bosu ball, workout clothes, free space, a cable machine and determination.

1. Start out with Proper Form

You have to ensure good form in this Bosu squat and row, as you do with all exercises, to prevent you from over-exerting your back. Get on the Bosu ball and take up a stance that has you standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab the cables of the cable machine, and make sure that you have a good sense of balance on your Bosu ball. Next, make sure that your chest is up as you keep your shoulders back.

2. Go into the Squat

From your starting position, you are ready to begin your Bosu exercise. Begin to slowly squat down on the Bosu ball by sitting your butt back as you loosely hang on to the cables. At this point, make a conscious effort to shift most of your weight to your heels.

3. Begin the Rows

When you are in this squat position and your weight is shifted to your heels, begin the row exercise by starting with your right hand. Bring said right hand back towards you by rotating it by way of a small twisting motion. Return the motion by bringing the same hand back in front of you through a controlled and smooth movement. Do exactly the same style of row on your left-hand side.

4. Focus on Pulling Both Sides Back

After you have completed one row on both your right- and left-hand sides, you have to now pull both sides back. Do this by pinching right in between your shoulder blades as you make sure to retract your scapula. Again, good form is essential even at this stage of the Bosu squat and row, so you should ensure good form by making it a point to draw both of your elbows straight back towards you. Complete one repetition by releasing your arms in front of you again and standing up on the Bosu ball.

5. Work Towards a Heightened Challenge

As you get better with the Bosu squat and row, add to the challenge by intensifying the exercise. While you should first start out with no more than 15 to 20 repetitions at a resistance that equals roughly 50 percent of your body weight, you should gradually increase the repetitions to more than 20.

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