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How to Do a Bosu Side Plank Shoulder Press

You've probably seen a Bosu ball in your local gym or fitness equipment store. The top of the Bosu ball is a soft rounded dome that provides a stability, core engaged workout. Invented by David Weck in 2000, the name Bosu means "Both Sides Utilized". There are a number of core exercises you can do with the Bosu ball that will increase your core strength and add variety to your work at home or in the gym.

Things You Need

  • Bosu ball
  • 5-pd weight

Step 1: Position Bosu Ball

Place the Bosu ball flat side down with the ball facing up. Make sure you're in a large area where you can stretch out your body in the side plank position.

Step 2: Side Plank Position

To get into the side plank position, you need to place your elbow on the ball and stretch your legs out directly to the side. The side you start on is up to you; you will switch to other side when the first set is complete to complete a set on the other side. There are three general feet positions you can use with the side plank, depending on the level of difficulty you want. The beginner position is to place your bottom leg at a 90 degree so your knee is taking some of the weight off your top leg and core. The standard pose is for one foot to be in front of the other. The difficult pose is for the top foot to be directly on top of the bottom foot. This means only the bottom foot is actually touching the ground, and you are supporting your body with your elbow, core and your bottom leg.

Step 3: Should Press Position

A shoulder press is pressing a weight up above your weight stretching and contracting your large shoulder muscle in your back. Pick up your weight and bend your arm to prepare to press the weight over your head in a diagonal motion above your head. Be sure you keep your balance on the ball, and keep proper positioning to avoid injury and for maximum results.

Step 4: Complete the Set

Twelve reps is the general rule of thumb when working with weights. Most plank moves require only one set or reps to have the desired effect. Once your core becomes stronger, you can switch back and forth and complete more sets.

Make It Harder

You can work with a heavier weight to make the exercise more difficult. Always work in a zone where your muscles are fatigued at the end of your set, but not burning. You want to avoid injury, but still maintain a solid workout.

The Bosu ball is a great tool that enables you to work all your muscle groups through strength training and is small enough to fit under your bed, couch or in a closet. Consider working with the DVDs to create a full body workout.

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