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How to Do a Bosu Side Plank Fly

The bosu plank fly is a great, total body exercise that strengthens and tones the core as well as the muscles of the upper arm and shoulder. When the basic form of this exercise becomes too easy, try adding another bosu to create a less stable working surface.

About the Bosu Side Plank Fly

Before starting any new exercise routine, it is important to understand why the exercises you are including in your workout are good for you. The bosu side plank fly is a great total body exercise that not only helps to strengthen and tone the chest and arms, but also provides a degree of stabilization to the core. If you have never worked with a bosu before, you may want to ask for a spotter in order to prevent injury to both yourself and others.

Positioning Your Body

Before performing the exercise, it is very important that your body is positioned properly. Start by placing a bosu down in the center of a cleared space. Make sure there are no dumbbells or other pieces of exercise equipment that can get in the way. Start by placing your feet on the center of the bosu. Roll onto your right side, bringing your right elbow and forearm to the ground. You should also be holding a dumbbell in your left hand. At this point, you should be resting comfortably on the ground.

Performing the Bosu Side Plank Fly

Now that your body is positioned properly, you can begin to perform the exercise. Start by taking a few deep breaths. As you exhale your breath, use the muscles in your core to lift your hips and buttocks off the ground. You should now be in a "plank" pose, with your hips and thighs off the ground. Your body should be in a straight line from your feet to your head.

Now it is time to perform the "fly" portion of the exercise. Exhale your breath, and as you do, lift your left arm toward the sky, making a sort of half rainbow motion as you do so. Inhale you breath, and again make a half-arc as you lower the dumbbell back to the starting position. Do at least ten repetitions of this maneuver before taking a short break. For best results, do two sets of ten repetitions of the bosu side plank fly.

Increasing the Intensity

One great way to increase the intensity of the exercise is by decreasing the stability of the working surface. Do this by resting your elbow on another bosu. Now both your elbow and feet should be on a bosu. You will be surprised at how this small change can really affect your ability to perform the exercise!

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