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How to Do a Bosu Burpee Push Up

The Bosu burpee push up is a great exercise that helps to strengthen and tone the muscles in your chest and arms, as well as your cardiovascular system. Strengthening your cardiovascular system can help in the prevention of heart disease, stroke and even some types of cancer. For best results with this exercise, be sure to perform at least three sets of 10 repetitions.

About Bosu Burpee Push Ups

Bosu burpee push ups incorporate both strength training and cardiovascular fitness into one easy exercise to perform. Unlike a traditional burpee push up, which is typically done on the floor or another hard surface, this exercise incorporates the use of a Bosu. A Bosu is a piece of exercise equipment that contains half of a stability ball fused to a hard surface on which exercises can be performed. A Bosu gives an unstable surface on which to perform exercises, thereby increasing the intensity of the burpee.

Positioning Your Body

Before you perform the Bosu burpee push up, it is essential that you position your body properly in order to achieve optimal results. Start by placing the Bosu down on a hard surface. Come onto all fours, with your hands spaced evenly on the outer edge of the Bosu. Lift your knees off the ground and step your feet slightly back so that your body is in a push up position. Make sure that you are in a straight line from the tip of your head to your feet.

Performing Bosu Burpee Push Ups

Now that you are in the right position, you can begin to perform the Bosu burpee push ups. Start by bending your elbows, and lowering your entire body towards the ground. Now, exhale deeply, and use the muscles in your arms and upper body to lift yourself back up to the starting position. At this point, jump both feet up towards your hands, and use this momentum to jump as high as you can towards the sky. As your feet reach the floor again following the jump, quickly set your hands back on their original spot on the Bosu, and jump your feet back into the push up position. Perform 10 Bosu burpee push ups before taking a short break. Do another two sets of 10 repetitions in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity

One great way to increase the intensity of the Bosu burpee push up is by increasing the speed at which the exercise is performed. Doing so will not only increase your heart rate, but will also fatigue your muscles at a much faster rate, thereby greatly intensifying the exercise. Be sure that the technique with which you perform the burpee doesn't fall by the wayside as you increase your speed.

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