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How to do a Body Weight Burpee

The body weight burpee is a great exercise that not only helps to strengthen the muscles in the upper body, but also improves your cardiovascular system. Start by performing the exercise for 30 seconds. When you can perform this with ease, increase the time spent doing the exercise by 15 seconds in order to get a more challenging workout.

About the Body Weight Burpee

The body weight burpee is a great all-around exercise in that it can improve both the cardiovascular system as well as increase your strength and muscle tone. Improving your cardiovascular system is not only important in that it can help with weight loss, but can also treat and prevent heart disease and stroke. In addition, the body weight burpee targets muscles in your chest and arms, thereby helping to tone these areas and increasing your metabolic rate. This results in a greater caloric burn, improving weight loss attempts.

Positioning Your Body

Unlike other strength training exercises, there is really not a whole lot of setup associated with performing a body weight burpee. Be sure that you have an area that is free from other exercise equipment. Place a yoga mat or towel on the ground. Start by standing tall, with your feet approximately shoulder width apart. Look down at the ground approximately three feet in front of your body. Take a few deep breaths before attempting the body weight burpee.

Performing the Body Weight Burpee

Now that you are positioned properly, you can begin to perform the body weight burpee. Do this by bending your knees slightly, and jumping as high as you can with your arms stretched over head. As you land, bend your knees, bringing your upper body to the ground. Place your hands firmly on the ground, with your fingers spaced widely apart and facing away from your body. Jump your feet and legs back into a push up position. Hold this for a second in order to orientate yourself, and then perform a push up by bending your elbows and lowering your body to the ground. As you exhale your breath, push your body back up into the starting push up position. Jump your feet back to your hands, and use the momentum to jump into the air with your arms again stretched overhead. Perform this for 30 seconds before taking a short break. Do another 30-second cycle of the body weight burpee in order to achieve optimal results.

Increasing the Intensity

The basic body weight burpee is usually difficult for most people on its own. However, once your cardiovascular system and upper body strength begins to improve, you may notice that the exercise is not as challenging as it once was. At this point, start to increase the time you spend doing the body weight burpee. Increase your time by 15 second increments until you reach five minutes. At this point, try strapping ankle weights around your feet. This will increase the weight you must jump against, thereby giving you a more challenging workout.

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