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How the Bar Method Improves Posture

The Bar Method is a type of exercise routine that uses isolation exercises to target major muscle groups, and a form of interval training to burn fat, raise metabolism and increase endurance. The Bar Method is an intense workout that offers many aerobic benefits. Because many of the exercises in the Bar Method isolate the muscles of the hip flexor and core, it can greatly improve balance and posture.

The Bar Method Explained

The Bar Method is an exercise program that uses many of the same routines that ballet dancers practice in order to develop increased strength in the legs, hips, abdomen and back and to enjoy long, lean muscles throughout the body. Bar Method classes help students perform a series of strenuous exercises, standing poses and deep stretches with the help of a ballet barre and a sturdy chair. The Bar Method burns fat quickly and greatly increases muscle tone and density, as well as flexibility.

The Bar Method Strengthens Core Muscles

Many of the Bar Method exercises focus on strengthening the core muscles of back, glutes, hips and abdomen. A strong core is key to fitness because it gives your arms and legs a solid base from which to operate, and therefore increases your overall strength and performance. Core muscles help us to run, jump, swim and perform other actions with our whole bodies, not just with the muscles of our arms and legs alone.

The ballet barre used in the Bar Method allows students to perform challenging poses that greatly strengthen the core muscles. Strengthening core muscles helps to stabilize the bones of the spine, shoulders and hips to significantly improve posture. Standing up straight isn't an uncomfortable chore when you have strong core muscles. The more core strength you have, the better your posture will be, and you'll expended less effort to maintain good posture.

More Effectively Strengthens Core Muscles

Unlike yoga, Pilates, aerobics and other forms of exercise, the Bar Method encourages students to keep core muscles contracted for minutes at a time to build greater muscle density and strength in all of the body's major muscle groups. The ballet barre helps students maintain balance as they perform leg lifts and other standing poses held for long periods of time. The muscles of the abdomen, hips, glutes, lower back and upper back remain contracted for much longer periods of time during Bar Method exercise than they do during other forms of exercise.

As a result, the Bar Method produces rapid increases in muscle strength and physical endurance. The Bar Method also creates long, lean muscles, but allows students to develop more strength than they would in a yoga or Pilates class. Because the Bar Method take students through periods of intense exercise followed by deep stretches that relax the body, it's similar to interval training and offers the same benefits, including greater stamina, heightened metabolism and a leaner physique.

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