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How do Pedometers Work?

Pedometers are small devices that are usually clipped on your belt. They can keep count of how many steps you take while you're wearing them.

Pendulum Pedometers

These pedometers have a spring-loaded arm that is activated by the movement of your hips. This type of pedometer often makes a noise with your every step. It functions when one bar inside the pedometer hits another bar when you take a step. Picture it as a tiny gate that closes after each step.

Step Sensing Pedometers

This type of pedometer is electronic. The counter mechanism is activated by an electrical impulse which is triggered by movement. This type of pedometer works best if you are keeping a sustained quick pace. An advantage to this type of pedometer is that operates silently.

Bodytronic Pedometers

These are the most sophisticated pedometers available. They have the ability to filter out movements that are not actual steps. These are ideal if you want to clip one on before you leave for work and wear it all day. Be warned that only electronic pedometers can accurately filter out everything but steps.

Pedometers can be a valuable weapon in your fitness arsenal. Clip one on your belt in the morning and be proud of yourself in the evening.

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