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Grab a Partner and Try These 3 Fun Salsa Dance Workout Moves

Salsa is a dance form that has its origins in the country of Cuba, and you can use a salsa dance workout to help your body remain fit. Dance-wise, salsa's movements come from Cuban Son (a musical style that came from Cuba in the 1930s) and boast influences from Afro-Cuban music like Guaguanco and Mambo. While salsa is mostly known as a dance form that requires a partner, there actually are solo forms.

Salsa has caught on worldwide since its beginnings in 1930s Cuba, to the point where it is popular today not only in Latin America, but also the United States, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Eastern Europe, France, Germany and Italy. The next time you want a workout that is highly enjoyable, try these 3 fun salsa dance workout moves.

1. Cuban Salsa Casino

Try this for a workout if you want a salsa dance that was developed in 1950s and 1960s Havana. Grab your partner, and stand with other pairs of people in a circle. Your moves will be called out by a caller who is referred to as the "cantante." Sometimes, simple hand signs will be used to complement the spoken instructions, which is very helpful in a noisy venue.

In this form of salsa, expect to switch your partner quite frequently. You will dance this salsa workout on a mostly downbeat break on a one or a three tempo. As you work out to this type of salsa, you should expect to do quite a bit of male-female interplay as the roots of this type of salsa are more sensual than other types.

2. Miami Style Casino

Miami Style Casino is a version of salsa dancing that has its origins in Cuban immigrants who moved to Florida and centered their efforts around Miami. This is a good type of salsa workout dance to try if you want a less traditional type of salsa to work out to. It sees its influences heavily based on Los Angeles style along with American culture. In Miami Style Casino, you dance and work out exclusively to a downbeat on one. It is also important to note that characteristics of both showstyle and shines are incorporated into its routine, which is drawn from the larger repertoires of North American style.

3. Colombian Salsa Style

If you want to get even farther away from the roots of salsa for your workout, then try this style that incorporate strong influences from Boogaloo and Cumbia. Here, the basic dance step you must familiarize yourself with is the "diagonal" or "atras." This means that you will be breaking backward in a diagonal fashion instead of to the front like you would in other styles, like the Los Angeles one. You will be expected not to shift your body weight around as much as in other salsa types, and you will also break mostly on one and three along with quick measures on four counts.

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