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Get Your Family to Exercise with Exergaming

Exergaming, the act of exercising through the use of video games, has developed into a fun and entertaining way to shed pounds. The goal of video game developers, along with the dominant young age group of game players, continues to push towards full family involvement.

Exergaming and Age Groups

Exergaming, first introduced through sports games on console gaming systems, has grown from a basic set of games and tools into a fully functional, near virtual realistic experience. Most video games often geared toward a certain younger age category never reach the hands of adults of any age. However, the introduction of sophisticated gaming systems with family friendly game genres and exergaming equipment have slowly started to change the way the general public views the movement.

Most game developers and electronics companies who specialize in gaming accessories, especially those geared toward exergaming, strive to have a gaming system in every household around the world. Although this goal seems a bit extreme, the multipurpose video gaming consoles of today provide more than just a brainless button bashing experience.

Family Friendly Application

Since exergaming involves physical activity and interaction, the progression has gained attention from older age groups, namely the parents who have been known to only act as the purchaser and not the user of the gaming systems. Rather than having the children of the family spend hours in the basement playing video games while the parents have work to complete away from home, kids now have the opportunity to ask their elders to join in for a round of boxing, golf, tennis and a huge amount of other physical games.

In the past, younger aged individuals often became embarrassed to ask older age groups to play or even watch a video game in action; several of the titles and game genres were far too violent and not interesting to the more mature elders. Exergaming has introduced a new way to look at video game interaction as a talent and skill based activity. This provides an opportunity for parents and every family member to join in and participate, which adds competition and bonding time to the day.

Multi Player Accessible

Nearly every gaming console and system that strives off of exergaming titles incorporates multi player functions. By using several individual manually controlled accessories, like controllers and joy sticks, multiple users have the opportunity to play a video game at once. Many gaming titles that provide exergaming experiences have sports themes, while others replicate home fitness programs with the application of gaming equipment.

Cost Benefit

Family activities no longer need to become boring time and time again; most interest only one portion of the family. Rather than placing a board game on a shelf after one use, a gaming system acts as a more important purchase and a permanent addition to the home setting. Exergaming with a group provides both a physical activity and a fun bonding experience, unlike many other home based options. Purchasing a video game console requires an initial investment, but the use of the equipment and the exciting, beneficial and productive outcome far outweighs any price tag.

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