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Five Ways to Enjoy Exercise

Finding ways to enjoy exercise is the key to maintaining a fit physique and a healthy lifestyle. When exercise feels like work, it can be hard to incorporate it into your daily routine. The good news is that there are many ways to fit a workout into your schedule without feeling dread in the hours leading up to it. If you are in need of some ideas to get yourself up and active, consider incorporating some of the following activities.

Enjoy an Afternoon Bike Ride with Friends

Schedule a time to meet up with friends for a bike ride around town. This can be a leisurely ride through the park or more of a challenge through trails or up hills. Being able to let lose and have a conversation with friends will keep your mind off the work your body is going through, and before you know it, your workout will be over and you’ll be heading home for a refreshing shower.

Put Together a Game of Basketball at the Park

Whether with friends or with family, there is nothing better than getting some fresh air and exercise at the same time. Playing a game of basketball at the park doesn’t have to be anything official. Just playing a game of “HORSE” with the kids will get you moving.

Fill Up Your MP3 Player

If you spend time walking, running or using a treadmill to get exercise, make sure your MP3 player is filled with your favorite motivational music. If you hear the same songs over and over again, you are bound to get bored. So in order to avoid this predicament consider changing the songs on your MP3 player at least twice a month.

Change the Time of Day that You Exercise

If you are used to exercising in the morning, try doing it at night. If you are more of a night sweater, consider trying your workouts in the morning. Switching up your routine might be just the thing to help you enjoy exercise more. This is because a change in your daily schedule will switch everything up a little bit--making things a little more interesting.

In addition, working out in the morning offers different benefits than an evening workout offers. Therefore, you can get the best of both worlds by switching the times you exercise throughout the week.

Buy New Gear

Getting new shoes, clothes or workout gear can help to freshen things up enough that it makes working out fun again, at least for awhile. New equipment will offer you more opportunity to fit a workout into your day while new clothing and shoes will keep you comfortable during workouts.

There are many different methods you can use to enjoy exercise, a little imagination and some commitment is all it takes. A quick walk during lunch, a game of bowling after work and walking through the zoo on a sunny afternoon are great examples of small ways you can make sure that you stay fit, healthy and happy.

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