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Exercise Bikes: Circuit Training

Exercise bikes are popular pieces of fitness equipment, as they enable you to reap all the fitness benefits of biking in an indoor setting. They give you the freedom to choose your level, program and length of workout, and they simultaneously help you burn fat and strengthen the muscles in your legs. What’s more, exercise bikes are extremely effective when used as part of a circuit training program. They will help you get the most out of this power workout.

Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit training is a popular fitness trend that can be found in many gyms and fitness facilities. Some establishments, such as Curves, were created with the sole purpose of circuit training. Circuit training is when you quickly perform several aerobic and strength training movements in a given time. You switch from one activity to the next, enabling your muscles to benefit from each distinct movement. For example, you might perform 2 minutes of jumping jacks, then 2 minutes of weight lifting, followed by 2 minutes on an exercise bike, and so on.

There are many benefits that can be gained from this type of training. You will enable your body to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. By performing so many movements simultaneously, your body will be able to burn calories quicker and more efficiently. Your metabolism will remain fueled throughout the day. Also, you will continue to shock and stimulate each muscle fiber, thus promoting muscle growth. The more muscle mass your body has, the more efficiently it will be able to burn calories, even when at rest.

Exercise Bikes and Circuit Training

Exercise bikes are a great addition to any circuit training routine, and they can easily be incorporated into a fitness program. You can begin your circuit training on a bike, as this type of movement provides an ideal warm-up. Keep the level low and warm up your legs. This will also begin to slowly raise your heart rate and prepare your body for what’s yet to come.

Bikes are also ideal to use in the intense parts of a circuit training routine. You can crank up the level as high as you need to in order to rev up your heart rate. This will maintain the intensity of your circuit workout, keeping your metabolism raised to burn the maximum amount of calories.

Creating Your Own Circuit Training Workout

Even if you can’t make it to a specialized circuit training class, you can still create your own circuit workout. Simply hop on an exercise bike and warm up for about five minutes or so. From there, run to a weight lifting machine and lift continuously for 2 minutes. Follow that up with 5 intense minutes on the treadmill. Go back to strength training, but choose a different weight lifting machine to stay on for 2 minutes or so. Run back to the bike, and pedal as fast as you can for five minutes. Keep rotating from one machine to the next, but continue to come back to the bike. Once your workout is complete, enjoy a 5 minute cool down on the exercise bike.

You can also perform a circuit training routine at home if you own a stationary bike. This will require a little more creativity, and you might even have to use soup cans as weights. You’ll also have to rely on your body’s own resistance for the strength training portion, and perform movements such as squats and planks. Whatever you do, don’t stop moving!

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