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Deskersize: 3 Exercises You Can do at Your Desk

Deskercise is a neat and somewhat catchy name given to what basically amounts to exercises that you can do at your desk. Deskercise is ideal for people who sit at a desk for many hours during a day, and this applies just as much to kids in school as it does to office workers sitting behind a desk or in the cubicles. Deskercise can be just what you have been searching for if you sit for hours behind a desk and, as an imminent result, start beginning to feel the sensation of cramping. Deskercise involves taking a break every now and again, every couple of hours, for periodic stretching exercises. Try these three exercises the next time that you feel cramped after sitting at your desk for hours.

1. Neck Stretch

This deskercise involves nothing more than you sitting at your desk with both of your feet firmly planted on the ground. Get full extension of your upper body and proceed to drop your chin into your chest. Follow up that action by putting your right hand on your head's left side as you slowly but surely pull your head away from your shoulder. Hold that position and remember to breathe and stretch all the way from your skull's base to both of your shoulders. Repeat this action, but with the other side as you should pull your head's right side with the left hand.

2. Side Stretch

The side stretch can be achieved either sitting down or standing up, but for deskercise purists, they will want to do this one seated at a desk. The first step involves you sitting up nice and straight in your chair. Stretch both of your arms over your head and interlock your fingers. Follow that by turning both of your palms to the ceiling and then breathing in deeply. When you go to exhale, turn your body ever-so-slightly to the right side, making very sure, however, that you still are keeping your fingers interlocked and your palms to the ceiling. Take another deep breath in, and then reproduce this action for the other side of your body while you are exhaling. As with all deskercise movements, do not strain yourself too much and back off any movement if you feel even the slightest bit of pain.

3. Butt Squeezes

While at your desk, sit upright in your office chair and put both of your feet firmly on the floor. Begin to slowly but surely squeeze your butt muscles with all your might. Hold your butt muscles as tightly as you possibly can in your squeeze. Ideally, you should be able to hold your butt muscles firmly clenched for at least a few breaths. After you have done so, return your clenched and squeezed butt muscles to their relaxed state.

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