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Dance Your Way to Thin Legs

If you want thin legs, dance! There are many styles of dance and other types of fitness activities that incorporate dance. Dancing regularly will strengthen your legs and increase your endurance. In a dance class, you might find yourself so wrapped up in the music and the fun that you don't even realize that you're working out.

Dance Is for Everyone

Many people consider organized dance classes the arena of professional dancers only. In reality, many dance studios, community centers and gyms offer dance classes for the average, recreational dancer. Oftentimes, you can sign up for a jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop or modern dance class regardless of your skill level or talent.

Jazz Dance Classes

Thin legs can easily be achieved in a dance class. This is because many dance classes incorporate activities that increase your heart rate, strengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. When you take a jazz dance class, for example, you usually start with a warm up and stretching activities that lengthen the muscles. You then continue with movements requiring you to balance on one leg, kick your legs or leap into the air. These exercises strengthen the muscles of your calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

Ballet and Modern Dance Classes

Ballet and modern dance classes are very effective in toning your overall body. If you've seen professional dancers, you know that they are often strong, flexible and toned. In a ballet class, you learn to move your body through specific positions with precision. The turns, leaps, hops and extensions performed in a ballet class build strength and tone the legs.

Tap Dance

A tap dance class is especially helpful for achieving thin legs. As you advance in a tap class, you perform longer and longer sequences that require moving your feet and legs quickly. This requires leg muscle strength. Your calves, quads and hamstrings will feel the benefit of a continuous tap routine.

Hip-Hop Classes

Hip-hop classes are a fun way to tone and trim your legs. Most hip-hop classes involve fast and continuous movement. In a hip-hop class you might find yourself lost in the movement and music. Before you know it, an hour has gone by. Hip-hop is a great way to burn fat and strengthen your muscles.

Dance at the Gym

Many forms of aerobics, jazzercise and zumba classes incorporate dance movements. These activities are very helpful for increasing your metabolism and increasing overall strength. If you are new to dance and don't want to sign up for a formal dance class, seek out one of these classes.

Thin legs don't have to be attained through laborious exercise. Dance your way to toned legs. It doesn't matter if you choose jazz, ballet, tap, modern dance, hip-hop or the variety of fitness classes at your gym that integrate dance movements. Choose a dance style that appeals to you. Proceed at your own pace, challenge yourself and have fun on the quest for thin legs.

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