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Dance Classes: How Moving to the Beat Can Help You Enjoy Exercise

If you can make yourself enjoy exercise, you will find that it is very easy to maintain a fit and healthy body. Dancing is one of the most interesting forms of physical activity, and it can help you gain a slim and attractive figure. If you want to keep fit or lose some weight, it is recommended that you attend a dance class.

Dancing as a Form of Exercise

There are many different types of dance that you can learn, ranging from ballet and tango to aerobics and Capoeira. While some dance styles are slow and elegant, others require you to do very rigorous movements. Since all dance styles involve a certain level of physical activity, they can be considered a form of exercise. If you are planning to lose weight, tone your muscles or improve your endurance, you should try to attend an aerobics, Capoeira or hip hop dance class. On the other hand, if you want to train your flexibility and balance, the best option is ballet. Dancing does not only help you stay fit, it can also improve your movement skills and coordination.

The Enjoyment of Dancing

You can learn to enjoy exercise by attending a dance class, because dancing is a pleasurable activity. Since dancing is done in response to music, it is a captivating physical activity for everyone who is interested in music. Music can stimulate certain reward centers in your brain, including the orbitofrontal cortex, which is located behind your eyes, and ventral striatum in the middle region of your brain. The amount of simulation that is received in these reward centers is determined by the level of enjoyment you attain from listening to certain kinds of music. Additionally, music can activate a region called the cerebellum, which is located at the base of your brain. The cerebellum can affect the timing and coordination of your movements in response to music.

Your body reacts to music in a natural way, and this is evident in the tapping of foot. When you move to the beat of your favorite tunes or observe the movements of dancers, certain motor regions of your brain will be activated. If you are truly interested in dancing, your brain’s motor regions will display a higher level of stimulation when you are watching a dance performance. Subsequently, you will unconsciously plan and predict how a certain dancer will move based on your own experience of music and dance. This is the reason why you will feel a sense of fulfillment when you see a dancer execute a movement with great skill.


Your admiration for other dancers will also make you want to dance. When you have successfully mastered certain dance moves, you will feel a great sense of achievement as well. Since dancing is a progressive activity, you will always find new challenges that will keep you motivated to attend your dance classes.

If you truly want to take up dancing, you should learn a dance style that suits your personality, physical abilities and objectives. Choosing a suitable dance style is important, because it ensures that you will keep dancing for a long time.

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