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Build Balance and Strength with Ball Workouts

The use of ball workouts as a viable form of exercise has increased noticeably in the past several years. People are beginning to realize that a workout can be fun and help you lose weight. Exercise balls come in all shapes and sizes these days; just do an Internet search, and you will come across many different kinds of exercise balls. You decide which one is correct for your needs by making sure it is both a ball that won't burst and also a ball that is appropriate for your height. To make sure that you get the best possible workout from ball exercises, you have to make sure that you have the right form and equipment, too. Here are three different types of ball workouts:

Exercise Ball Squats

Pick a spot on any wall and prop the exercise ball against the wall by leaning into it as it is touching your lower spine. Place your hands on your hips and also make sure that both of your feet are shoulder-width apart and a bit in front of you. Begin to bend at your hips and knees as you slowly assume a sitting position. Make certain that you still maintain the exercise ball between you and the wall as you descend into the sitting position. When you feel like you have descended as much as possible, return to your original position while ensuring that the ball still stays between your back and the wall.

Walk Outs

Walk Outs are quite basic exercises that not only help you to familiarize your body with the exercise ball, but also help you to build your balance on this ball. To start, you begin in a seated position on the ball with your back straight. Then, you gradually "walk out" by keeping your buttocks firmly planted on the ball as your feet begin to walk away from the ball. Eventually, you should move your hips off of the ball so that now only your back remains resting on the ball. From this position, you must then take a good-size breath in and then, using your feet, push yourself back up the stability ball. You should end up in the same seated position from which you started. Do a few repetitions of this to build up your sense of balance.

Build up Your Buttocks

If you want to have an attractive rear end, using an exercise ball in the right way is the way to go. All it takes is a mat for you to lie down on and your ball. When on your back, place your ankles and the heels of your feet on the ball so that your legs are fully extended. From this initial form, bring both of your legs towards your body. You then push out with your legs again. You need the ball in order to stretch your glutes and tone your rear end. This is one repetition, but to add intensity to it just focus on pushing the ball into the floor as you push out with your legs.

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