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Biking Interval Spurts

Most people think that riding a stationary bike is not going to help you lose much weight. If all you are going to do is sit and pedal for 30 minutes and not work up a sweat, then they would be right in their assumption. But, if you are using biking interval spurts training, you will burn calories and lose weight.

Interval Training Explained

Interval training means that you do short, very intense spurts of exercise, followed by a longer time to recover. Biking in intervals requires you to pedal as hard as you can for a period of about 10 seconds at first, followed by 60 seconds of resting time. This is how one should start out in the beginning.  Increase your intensive workout to 15 seconds, and then on to 20 seconds, giving yourself the 60 second rest between bursts of energy.

Before you begin a program of interval biking, you need to be in the best physical shape that you can. This is not something that beginners should take on. It may take weeks, or even months, of regular exercise before you are ready to try this. Biking is one way to begin interval training as your first step.

Older people and those that are less fit than some people can benefit from interval training, only at a slower, more modulated pace, instead of the "all out" kind of pedaling done by some athletes. A workload that is a little above what a person may feel comfortable with will work just as well over time. As long as the short bursts are followed by a minute of downtime, the exercises are safe, even for the older population.

Stationary biking is often thought of as boring, and it can be. To just sit and pedal mindlessly is mundane. That is why interval training on a bike can be exciting and gratifying. Biking those calories away, and seeing the results on the scale, will allow you to see that stationary bike in a whole new light.

Precautions to Take

If your doctor has cautioned you about high intensity workouts, it is best to stay away from this. Perhaps you should only be doing low intensity exercises because of an illness or certain medical condition. If you are expecting a baby, high intensity workouts are not for you. If you do not like to, or do no want to, take the time to warm up then this also is not for you. You cannot take the chance of pulling a muscle because you failed to warm up.

The Benefits

It is a great variation of an old routine; it is fun to get away from the sit and pedal routine. Time goes by faster because the exercises are designed to go quickly. You can actually find the time to exercise, because it takes less time out of your busy schedule. The cardio benefits are wonderful. And, the weight comes off much faster than regular, conventional exercising.

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