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Biking for Fitness: Work Towards These 4 Mountain Bike Events

Contrary to what you may think, mountain bike events are not exclusive to adrenaline junkies. While they do require you to have an appetite for speed, it is a fun competitive sport that has few rules. Races are designed to accommodate riders of all skill levels from novice to professional.


Mountain biking events are open to cyclists of all ages and levels. There are various levels or categories to help ensure fair competition. Categories are typically determined by age or cycling ability. Here are four events that you may want to consider competing in.

#1 The Wisconsin Off Road Series

The Wisconsin Off Road Series, more commonly known as the WORS, is the largest state series of mountain bike races in America. This series offers races for beginners through top-level professionals, making it a great choice for riders of all skill levels. During the last weekend in June, WORS hosts the Subaru Cup. Over this weekend, there are six different events including a kid’s race, a friendly team competition, a single-track cross-country race, an off-road short track race and the legacy cross country event. The courses feature a mix of climbs, fast descents, rock gardens and quick traverses.

#2 The Leadville Trail

Known as one of the toughest mountain bike races in North America, the Leadville Trail hosts both the 50-mile mountain bike race and the 100-mile mountain bike race. The races, often referred to as the “Race Across the Sky”, takes place in the high-altitude terrain of the Colorado Rockies. This event begins at 9,000 ft and climbs to 13,000 feet. The event was designed for the most determined of athletes. Both of these races are USA Cycling sanctioned races.

#3 Kona 24 Hours

Kona 24 Hours is the largest 24-hour event in the world. For over a decade, every year over 3,000 riders head out on President’s Day weekend to take on the terrain surrounding Tucson, Arizona. The aim of the race is to complete the most laps in a 24-hour period. It is a team event, with no limit to team members. Each lap is 16 miles in length and has a 1,200 foot elevation gain. All funds raised by Kona 24 Hours benefits the Cooper Corridor Economic Development Coalition. This event is an excellent group activity for the mid-level cyclist.

#4 The Trestle Gravity Series

Every July, Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado hosts the Trestle Gravity Series. This event takes place at the Trestle Bike Park, which features 600 miles of well-marked bike trails. The Gravity Series is a set of mountain biking races designed for new riders, families and youth. The riders are separated into categories based on age and experience. The downhill course has a vertical drop of 1,440 feet. The Super Downhill course is longer and features a vertical drop of 1,620 feet. This is an excellent race for younger riders or for the whole family.

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