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Are Girl Push ups Just as Effective as Regular Push Ups?

"Girl" push ups often get a bad rap as being much easier than traditional push ups. However, when done correctly, these push ups may be just as effective.

What are "Girl" Push Ups?

As opposed to a regular push up, which is typically performed with only your hands and feet on the ground, a "girl" push up allows you to come onto all fours and perform the push up while resting on your knees. For best results, you should step your knees back slightly from your hands so that you are in a straight line from your knees up to you head.

The Verdict

Girl push ups are just as effective as regular push ups, and in some cases may actually be more effective. For example, if someone who is just starting an exercise routine tries to do a regular push up, she would probably only be able to do a few before having to stop. In addition, the person would likely have to rest for several days after the exercise session before being able to do the push ups again. In contrast, if the same person was to do "girl" push ups, they could likely do several and would feel strong enough to perform the push ups again in a day or two. By doing the girl push ups, the person would be able to achieve more push ups overall and would have greater increases in strength, muscle mass and weight loss.

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