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5 Foam Roller Exercises for Legs

A variety of foam roller exercises utilize the flexible design of these new tools to provide several benefits for the body. Here are 5 of the best foam roller exercises for working the lower body and getting your legs in good shape.

  1. Hip Extensions - For these, the user lies on top of the roller face down and moves the leg backward. Variations of this exist for toning the upper leg and strengthening the adjacent core muscles.
  2. Side Leg Lift - The user lies on one side and lifts the opposing leg up and down. The give of the roller provides more resistance for the leg.
  3. Hamstring Stretch - For this activity, the user sits directly on the foam roller. He or she moves forward from the hip, without rolling off of the roller, reaching forward with the arms. This targets the hamstring and is useful for a wide range of athletic and recreational exercise programs.
  4. Inner Thigh Stretch - For this exercise, the user sits on the roller, holding the feet together with the knees pointing out in opposite directions, and moves forward to stretch the thigh.
  5. Straight Leg Extension - The user lies face down on top of the roller, with the roller under the stomach or pelvis. Then, he or she extends the legs upward.

All of these and more make foam roller work an effective way to work leg muscles while stretching, and provide a kind of natural massage for muscle groups. Think about working some of these lower body foam roller exercises into a fitness session.



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