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5 Easy Workouts to Do Outdoors

If you are looking for easy workouts then the gym should not be your only destination. It's true that working out inside a gym has many fitness benefits, but it is not your only option. Whether you are looking for a little bit of variety, or indoor exercises are just not your thing, here are some workouts that you can do outdoors.

1. Skating/Rollerblading

If you are looking for a workout that can tone your abs and legs while helping you improve your flexibility then you might want to try inline skating or rollerblading. Whether you prefer a more laid-back cruise along the beach or a more energetic game of roller hockey, putting on your skates or rollerblades can certainly help you drop those extra pounds.

2. Yoga

If you are like most people then you will find that yoga and other stretching exercises are best done outdoors. A yoga session is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor stretching workouts that you can do. In fact, yoga is most effective when you are doing the exercises under the warm rays of the sun while breathing fresh air. This is the reason why a lot of yoga centers conduct their classes in serene outdoor spots like beaches and parks. If group exercise is not exactly your thing, you can still practice yoga in your porch, terrace or your own backyard. Some of the benefits associated with yoga are toned muscles, improved flexibility and detoxification.

3. Swimming

One of the common exercises that are done in the gym is the pull-down exercise where you use a cable machine. This exercise helps work your biceps, shoulder, elbows as well as your back. Swimming is an outdoor workout that can help you achieve the same effect in a much more refreshing way. If you have your own swimming pool then you can do this exercise more conveniently. If not, you can always go down to the community pool or a nearby lake or beach. Not only will swimming help you burn calories and tone your body but it will also strengthen your back. A strong back becomes more important as you age since you become more prone to osteoporosis.

4. Cycling

If you regularly use the stationary bike at the gym to tone your leg muscles then why not hop on your bike and do the real thing? Cycling is a great way to burn calories and fat and when you do it outdoors, you get the extra treat of enjoying beautiful scenery and fresh air. You also won't have to deal with impatient gym members who want you to finish your workout so they can use the machine next. When going cycling, make sure you wear proper shoes and protective gear.

5. Jogging

Jogging is a great cardio exercise that helps you burn a lot of calories. Instead of paying for a gym membership to use the treadmill, why not enjoy the benefits of jogging for free? After investing on a good pair of running shoes, you can practically go running anywhere - the beach, parks or even around your neighborhood.


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