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4 Ways to Make Sure You Exercise While Traveling

Incorporating exercise while traveling can sometimes be difficult. Making sure that your body receives an adequate workout while you are away requires a bit of planning. Here are four things you can do to make sure you exercise while on a trip.

1. Book a Hotel with a Gym

When choosing from a number of hotels, be sure to choose one with a gym. If the size of the gym or its equipment is important to you, call around to make sure that you are choosing the right hotel. If you like to swim as a form of exercise, be sure to choose a hotel with a clean and well-kept swimming pool. Sometimes you arrive at a hotel and hope that it contains the type of gym or swimming pool that will be inviting to you. Planning ahead and prioritizing exercise will increase your chances of working out when you travel.

2. Pack Workout Clothes and Travel Exercise Equipment

One of the simplest reasons that people do not exercise while traveling is not having the right clothes or equipment. This problem is easy to fix. Be sure to pack workout clothes and shoes. If you like to run with weights, pack them into your bag. A travel size yoga mat is also easy to pack into a suitcase. These things only take a few minutes to do and you will be happy when you arrive at your hotel and have everything you need to maintain your workout regimen.

3. Walk to Tourist Attractions and Business Meetings

Whether you are traveling on business or for pleasure, you can increase the amount of walking you do. If you are flying into a city for a business-related conference, select a hotel within walking distance of your meeting location. Leave your rental car at the hotel and walk back and forth to your meetings.

Similarly, if you are traveling for pleasure, walk to tourist attractions. Book a hotel that is in walking distance, or be sure to park a good distance away and walk. Walking will also give you a good opportunity for taking photos of scenic locations, which is more difficult to do while driving.

4. Plan Tourist Activities Involving Exercise

When planning activities for a trip, prioritize those excursions that are more active in nature. Instead of limiting yourself to restaurants, museums and famous landmarks, choose fitness-related activities. Rent a bike and pedal your way through a town. Instead of taking a ferry ride, row a kayak or pedal a water bicycle. Hiking up a mountain will invigorate you and allow you to take better photos of beautiful spots. Find out if there are any guided walking tours of popular locations. These types of tours not only provide exercise, they introduce you to new information about a place and allow you to meet new people.

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