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4 Fitness Activities for Your Small Group Training Sessions

Playing a sport can be an enjoyable small group training activity to increase the fitness level of each participant. Decide on a variety of sports to try on a given day, or choose just one. If necessary, before you get started hold a vote to see which activity is the most popular among the group.

1. Basketball

Depending on the size of your group, you can play on a full court or use a half court for small-sided games. If you have less than eight members in your group you may want to use just one basket so you can play more games without tiring everyone out too quickly. Choose sides that are even, and make sure the game is friendly and not too competitive or the fun will not last very long.

2. Volleyball

All you need is a ball, a net and a backyard or beach to play a friendly game of volleyball with your group. If you decide to go to the beach to play, choose an area that is away from the crowd so you do not disturb the rest of the beachgoers. Play a few games then switch sides so the activity will be fun. Once you finish, you have the luxury of being able to go for a swim to cool down.

3. Soccer

Soccer games require a great deal of stamina, even if you have a somewhat larger group of participants. One way to increase the number of touches that everyone gets on the ball is by playing on a smaller sized field. If you are using a public facility, you may be able to get away with moving one of the goals closer to reduce the size of the playing area.

Try to divide up the players who are in the best shape between the two teams, or the games may end up being unfair. If some members are more skilled at soccer, split them up as well to level the playing field. Since soccer requires a lot of running, take extra breaks if you need to, so the game can last longer.

4. Touch Football

If you have some football fans in your small group, you may be able to get up a game of touch football. You need a decent amount of space to play, so you might have to travel to an open field or just use a school football field to play on. You may want to reduce the playing field from 100 yards down to 50, so the games will not require as much sprinting.

Make sure the group knows the game is touch and not tackle, if that is agreeable with everyone. If one person is a particularly good quarterback, ask her to play for both teams at the QB position. This will make the activity more fun for the rest of the group, since they will be able to catch a few more passes.

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