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4 Common Exercise Mistakes Women Make

There are a number of mistakes that women make when they work out. If you follow an exercise regimen in order to lose weight and improve your health then it's important that you become aware of these exercise mistakes. Perhaps you might commit them in the future or perhaps you are already doing some of them. Knowing what these common workout mistakes are will help you avoid them, thus, improving your exercise routine.

1. Overdoing It

If you've made the decision to start exercising in order to get in shape then you probably want to see results as fast as possible. As a result, you end up pushing yourself to your very limit each time you exercise. By the time you finish each workout, your heart is ready to jump out of your chest, you're bathed in sweat and you ask yourself what horrible thing you have done to deserve such punishment. Working out until you drop from exhaustion may seem like the best way to reach your fitness goal but it can actually prevent you from reaching your objective. When your workout routine becomes too painful and strenuous, you might end up detesting it. When you detest your workout routine, you will make up excuses not to exercise. Eventually, you might quit altogether. Aside from this, doing rigorous exercises that are too much for your body may cause you serious injury.

2. Being Afraid of Strength Training

If you're like most women then you are probably hesitant about trying strength training for fear of bulking up like a bodybuilder. Can strength training really cause you to develop bulky muscles? The answer is no. The fact is that you do not have enough testosterone in your body - the hormone necessary to build muscle mass. This hormone is what makes it possible for males to develop muscles through strength training.

Strength training can actually bring you positive fitness results. It can give you a toned and slender look, boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories even while you are at rest. 

3. Lack of Variety

If you find your workout repetitive and monotonous then your routine is probably lacking in variety. Doing the same type of exercise over and over again not only causes boredom, but it can even make that exercise less effective. This is because the body eventually gets used to that type of exercise. What you can do is try new variations of your exercises. For instance, if you usually use a fitness machine at the gym, try shifting to weights every other week.

4. Exercising a Single Body Part

If you're like most women then your problem areas are probably your tummy, thighs, arms or buttocks. Doing exercises to address a single part of your body is a fitness mistake. For instance, if you want to develop rock-hard abs, doing crunches everyday won't help you if you are overweight. You need to lose your excess body fat first before you can start developing muscles.

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