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3 Ways to Stay Warm during Your Winter Workout

Engaging in a winter workout can, for some, be very intimidating. However, by keeping a few basic tips in mind, you can exercise in the cold. Remember to choose the right clothes, and put them on in layers. Using chemical hand warmers and increasing the intensity at which you exercise are also great ways to stay warm on an especially cold day. Here are three ways to stay warm during your winter workout:

1. Wear the Right Clothes

One of the best ways to stay warm while exercising in cold weather is to dress properly. An old adage says that "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad preparation." This is very true, especially when it comes to exercising in cold weather. For best results, be sure to dress in layers. This allows you to remove outer pieces of clothing if and when you start to warm up, while still maintaining your warmth during the early periods of exercise.

Choosing clothing that is specifically designed for use in warm weather can be advantageous. As extreme exercise is becoming more and more popular, more companies are beginning to make clothing for use in the elements. Typically, these clothes are designed to protect against very cold weather, and often feature sweat wicking properties that can be especially important in more intense exercise. These types of clothing can be found in most sporting or outdoor stores, and may also be located through online retailers.

2. Use Hand Warmers

Using hand warmers is another highly successful way to stay warm while exercising. While mittens, gloves and other forms of protection may provide some comfort, chemical warmers that produce heat can be especially effective. Chemical hand warmers come in small, thin packages that are about the size of a credit card. Once these packages are torn, the chemical inside emits high amounts of heat, which can be important for people who are exercising in cold weather. When placed inside mittens or gloves, they are guaranteed to keep your hands toasty throughout your winter workout. Chemical hand warmers can typically be found in most outdoor or sporting goods stores. As they increase in popularity, they will likely be available in more grocery stores and other similar shops.

3. Increase Your Intensity

There is no better way to protect yourself against the weather during your winter workout than simply increasing the intensity of your exercise. When one initially steps outside to exercise in cold weather, it can seem unbearable. However, as you increase the speed and incline at which you walk, your body will begin to warm, and the cooler temperatures may actually begin to feel good. Speed walking, performing intervals or even skipping are great ways to increase the intensity of your workout and keep warm in cold weather.














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