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3 Ways to Intensify Your Muscle Building Routine

If you want extra vigor in your muscle building workouts, there are ways to intensify your routine. There are a few ways in which you can intensify your muscle building routines, and all of them are effective. This will lead to you developing bigger muscles in a faster fashion, because the extra energy and effort that you will be putting into your workouts.

1. Intensify One-Handed Push Ups

You can intensify your muscle building routine by intensifying each individual exercise. A good example of a muscle building routine is the one-handed push up. You can intensify this routine by a very simple adjustment. Normally when you are performing one-handed push ups, your feet are on the floor. By adjusting your position so that your feet are elevated on a surface, you can intensify this muscle building routine. The key to this manner of intensifying your routine is all based upon weight distribution.

By adjusting your form so that your feet are elevated, you are redistributing your weight more to your upper body. With weight redistribution, you are intensifying the effect of the one-handed push up. The tension on your muscles that are already taking more of the load will be increased with this exercise. As you become more comfortable with this, you can take this workout to even further heights.

2. Perform a Super set

A super set is defined as a combination of exercises and complimentary exercises. It involves working out one part of your body for one set of repetitions and then instantly working out another body part, with no rest in between. You can combine a set of close grip pulldowns with another set of dumbbell chest flies, making sure not to rest between them. In this example, you first worked out your back muscles and then you immediately shifted to working out your chest muscles. If you can do this simple adjustment, you can easily intensify any muscle building routine. The final result of a super set is that you exercise a complimentary body part while another is at rest. Because of the increased intensity, you are going to get better results.

3. Combine Resistance with Aerobic Exercises

Combining resistance with aerobic exercises is another way to intensify your routine. In this case, you should first attempt to do shoulder exercises. Next, in between sets of this resistance training, you should switch to calf raises, which are an aerobic exercise. The key to this way of intensifying your muscle building routine is the speedy switch between the two types of exercises. The main point to remember is to return to your original exercise after getting in the aerobic exercises.












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