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3 Ways to Intensify your Kettlebell Workout

Your kettlebell workout can be intensified by just making simple adjustments. If you are looking to intensify your workout, you are likely past the beginner stage and looking for more challenge. People start kettlebell workouts with more basic exercises that involve only lighter weights to avoid injury. The exercises for beginners are usually performed in a gradual manner, again to reduce injuries and to familiarize people with the movements. Intensified kettlebell workouts are designed to build up your strength and endurance. While regular routines are effective on their own, intensifying kettlebell workouts is the next step after you have mastered the basics.

1. Combination of Snatches and Swings

The first way to intensify your kettlebell workout is to include a combination of both snatches and swings. If you want to get rid of undesirable fat along with getting more muscle mass fast, look into this combination. The correct combination will create a surge of power in your kettlebell routine. Establish a quick interval workout with the kettlebell by limiting your maximum effort to only 80 percent with each snatch or swing. This way of intensifying your workout will see you achieving greater endurance, while you also work on your strength. Don't think that you should lower up the number of repetitions just because your weight is a bit lighter. Keep your repetitions of swings and snatches high, because you want to get the benefits of the cardio effects kicking in.

2. Intensify Your Kettlebell Workout with Straps

Certain exercises prove to be challenging and even difficult to maintain due to the weight of the kettlebell. One exercise that is very effective at enabling you to gain mass quickly is rows, which involve gripping a weight in overhand and then bringing it up to your collarbone. Using a kettlebell for the weight makes it difficult to maintain your grip. If you want to intensify your workout by incorporating kettlebell rows into your routine, use weight-lifting straps to bind the kettleball to your hands. Another alternative is that you can look for kettlebells that feature thinner handles. Thinner handles should not present as many difficulties with maintaining grip on row exercises.

3. Try Kettlebell Windmills

The third way to intensify your kettlebell workout is by trying the kettlebell windmills exercise. This is a bit more challenging than beginner kettlebell exercises. Snatching a kettlebell with one hand and keeping it overhead, you should then push your derriere out in the direction of the kettlebell in your hand. Start turning your feet out at 45 degree angles from the arm that is holding the kettlebell aloft. Now lower your upper body until your non-working hand makes contact with the floor. After a one-second pause, reverse your movement to return to the starting position.


















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