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3 Top Foods for Runners

Top foods for runners are foods that will energize you while running and also sustain you as you go through your workout routine. These are foods that can act as quick boosters, or they can even be part of a longer-term, eating regimen that you may even want to work into your daily food intake. As a runner, your primary concern should be about getting food into your body that works to power your peak performance, keep you healthy, and also that which can be cooked up into nice-tasting dishes. If you are looking for food to complement your running, then here are 3 top foods for runners.

1. Almonds

Nuts and almonds in particular are strong sources of vitamin E, which may protect you against cancer; sadly, most runners fail to get enough of this antioxidant into their systems because there are few well-known sources that offer it naturally. If you eat nuts like almonds by a rate of several times per week, you may benefit from having a reduced risk for developing heart disease because almonds cut down cholesterol levels like those caused by artery-clogging LDL cholesterol. Almonds are easy to incorporate into your diet because they complement other foods and dishes so well as an ingredient. In example, you can add some almonds to almost any kind of pasta or salad while also using them as a quick and trouble-free topping to dishes like casseroles.

2. Eggs

Another common food, eggs are excellent for protein which you need as a runner. Just one egg already fulfills one-tenth of your daily protein requirement. The most complete form of protein besides human breast milk, eggs come with all the vital amino acids that your body needs to promote recovery. As a runner, you put a premium on healthy and strong bones, and eggs contain 30 percent of your daily value of vitamin K, a vitamin that promotes strong bones. If you choose the eggs known as omega 3-enhanced eggs, you can increase your intake of healthy fats, which may even lower your risk of heart disease. Research verifies that people who regularly eat eggs actually have a lower risk for heart disease than those who fretfully avoid them constantly. You can add eggs easily into your diet either as a stand-alone food or a part of other dishes. For instance, you can add eggs to casseroles and soups by cracking them in.

3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are recommended to be on your plate the whole year round if you are a runner. As a runner, you need effective muscle function, yet runners in general fail to get enough of the trace minerals copper and manganese. However, these minerals do enhance muscle function, so failing to get an insufficient amount of them will hamper your ability to be the best  runner you can be. Eating more sweet potatoes can easily fix this typical runner's problem.

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