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3 Techniques You Can Practice with Your Exercise Partner

Training with an exercise partner can help you to increase the intensity of your workouts. If you have a training partner who is close to your level of fitness, you can make each workout session a friendly competition. By choosing fitness activities at which you both excel, the workouts will be more enjoyable.

1. Super Sets

Super sets are exercises you and your partner can perform with weights. There are many different types of super sets you can use during a workout. One common method is to do a pushing exercise such as bench presses, then immediately do a pulling exercise like barbell curls.

When you are working out with a partner, you can both do the same type of exercise simultaneously, if the gym has enough equipment. You can alternate different exercises with your partner if the gym does not have enough weights to go around. You can also perform super sets with your partner for part of the workout, then just work alongside of them for the rest of the training session.

2. Medicine Ball

Training with a medicine ball works a variety of different upper and lower body muscles. Use a medicine ball that both you and your training partner can handle, since there are many different sizes to choose from. Both you and your exercise partner should stretch your arms, back and legs before working out with the medicine ball.

To begin the workout, start with some short tosses. Once you are both loose, alternate the height of each toss as well as the speed that you throw the medicine ball. Use both hands to push the ball over to your partner, which will work your pectoral muscles and triceps. Catch the ball with both palms facing up, which will work your biceps muscles. If you and you partner bend your knees to catch the ball, you will both get a good leg workout.

3. Sprints

Sprinting with a partner can be a fun way to compete while you both exercise. Try to workout on a quarter-mile track instead of on a road, so you do not have to worry about traffic or pedestrians. Set up 10 cones side-by-side across the front stretch of the track. The object of the workout is to be the first one to knock over five cones.

Take a warm-up lap around the track with your partner to loosen up, then stop 40 yards from the cones. Stand two lanes over from your partner. You will try to run 40 yards and then knock over the five cones on the left one at a time, while your partner tries to knock over the five cones on the right. Once you knock over a cone, run back to the starting line, then turn around and sprint back to knock over another cone. The first one to knock over all five cones wins bragging rights for the day. Whoever loses should still finish their workout, while the winner cheers them on.

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