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3 Fun Beach Workouts to Help You Shed those Extra Pounds

If you are looking for a way to shed weight and have fun at the same time, try doing some beach workouts. See if you can get a few friends to go with you to the beach, so you will have more options for your workout activity. If you are unable to find anyone to go with you, there may still be an activity going on that you can participate in if you do not want to train by yourself.

1. Beach Volleyball

Depending on the beach that you go to, there may be a volleyball game going on that you can join. If you have a group of friends going with you, take your own volleyball equipment just in case there is not already a game available. Divide your group into equal teams, then play a few sets. You may be able to add players to the game if there are other people interested in participating.

The sand provides a nice cushion for jumping up and down during a volleyball game, however, you still need to be careful since it is easy to twist an ankle when you land wrong. There may also be trash or other debris hidden beneath the sand, so it is a good idea to check over the area where you are playing before you begin.

2. Frisbee

Throwing a Frisbee at the beach is fun and also can be a great workout. If you do not have a friend with you, ask a few people to throw the Frisbee around. Take turns standing in the shallow surf and on the beach, to give your legs a thorough workout. Ask your playing partner to vary the distance and height of their throws, so you can do some sprinting and jumping when you catch the Frisbee.

If the beach is crowded, be respectful of others and try not to get too close to anyone’s property. Pay attention in the water as well, since there may be people swimming nearby that you could bump into while you are concentrating on catching the Frisbee. If it is a windy day, you may want to move down the beach from the crowd since a Frisbee can easily get caught up in the breeze.

3. Running

Running on the beach is an enjoyable way to exercise and to lose a few pounds. When you arrive at the beach, do some stretching before you begin your run. Start out by running along the water line, then as you loosen up you can run in the shallow surf to increase the difficulty.

You can also run in the sand; just be sure to watch out for people and obstacles such as chairs, blankets or umbrellas. If there are sand dunes nearby, run up and down them to give your legs a great workout. Once you finish training, you can cool off in the water, but be careful not to go too far out if your legs are tired, since it may be difficult to swim.

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