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3 Flexibility Exercises for Men

By using flexibility exercises, an increase in muscle function becomes second nature. Straining muscles, joints and ligaments could cause major tissue damage. By having a set of stretching exercises, major injuries become reduced or avoided all together. Here are 3 flexibility exercises for men.

Using the Bar

A single bar with no added weight provides a great flexibility tool. Using the bar to stretch ligaments and tendons in legs and arms along with the body’s core offers a strong platform for key flexibility exercises.

  • Bar Bends for the Lower Back: Hold the bar behind the body against the lower back area with both hands, securing the bar tightly to ensure a steady stretch. Pull the bar against the lower back region while bending backwards slowly for a thorough lower back stretch. Continue the stretch in multiple repetition sets until the lower and middle back sections are completely loose. Slide the bar higher up the back to reach the middle section more thoroughly.
  • Bar Bends for the Hamstrings and Glutes: Hold the bar out in front of the body with both hands. While locking knees and legs into a fixed position, bend frontwards while reach the bar toward the ground, but not directly at the feet. By reaching out and down at the same time, the muscles connected in the back of the legs stretch further.
  • Torso Rotations: Hold the bar behind the body against the lower back area with both hands. Keep constant pressure against the lower back region while partially rotating from left to right. Keep the feet locked into a fixed position so only the upper body moves, ensuring a complete stretch for the torso and mid-section of the body.


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