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3 Flexibility Exercises for Better Posture

Flexibility exercises for better posture include those that target the lower back and midsection. Posture mainly involves correctly holding one’s body weight in an appropriate position. Both the lower back and core play a large role in this function.

The Big 3

By stretching the back and abdominal muscle groups, the entire body becomes better suited to hold the weight that it contains. The lower back often becomes to first area of discomfort after sitting with bad posture for long periods of time. These exercises provide thorough strengthening for both the core and back section simultaneously.

  • Lying face down with both arms tucked toward the sides, place both hands directly next to the left and right pectoral muscles. Look upwards and try to touch the top of the head to the lower back, allowing the chest to come off of the ground, forming a ramp or reverse bridge position. Holding this position allows the entire vertebral column to loosen and contract with each repetition.
  • Sit on the ground and extend both legs forward. Perform a series of a side to side exercises by twisting the entire torso to one side; rotate the body as far as it will go in both directions. Place both hands behind the back on each side with every rotation. Hold the position at first for a loosening stretch to prevent injury.
  • Stand on both feet and reach up and backwards at the same time, forming a slight arch in the back. Touch the ground after each back bend to complete one repetition.

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