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3 Bodybuilding Exercises for a Beginner

Bodybuilding exercises are an efficient way to build up your body and make it bigger. There is also a psychological and emotional benefit to bodybuilding: It improves the overall mood, as intensive exercise has a tendency of doing. Bodybuilding is intense, so if you are just starting out, you will want to start with less-complicated and less-intense exercises. That way, your body is not forced to stress itself out before it is prepared to handle more intense bodybuilding workouts. As you begin to get accustomed to and more adept at bodybuilding exercises, you can then begin to try harder ones that are more intense.

1. Butterfly

The butterfly requires the use of a machine called the pec deck. Seat yourself on the machine with your back leaning flat against the pad. After firmly gripping the handles, push them toward each other in a slow fashion as you squeeze the chest inwards. Exhale during this motion, and hold that exhalation for one second. Go back to the starting position by moving the handles back, and as you do this, be sure to inhale. At this part of the exercise, you want the muscles in your chest to experience a full stretch. As you do the Butterfly, do as many repetitions as you want to without exhausting yourself. It's your call on how many repetitions to do at a time, but back off if it seems to get too overwhelming.

2. One-Arm Dumbbell Row

This bodybuilding exercise is good for the beginner due to its simplicity. Put your right leg on a bench and your right hand on the opposite side of the same bench for support. Utilizing your left hand, grip the dumbbell, hold it, and keep the back really straight. The palm of the hand holding the dumbbell should be facing the bench. Draw the dumbbell up so that it gets to your chest's side, making sure that your arm is next to your chest and that your torso is in a fixed position. From this point, lower the dumbbell, and as you do this, be sure to inhale. Again, do as many repetitions with this exercise as you feel are comfortable. Change your side on the bench and perform the exercise with the other arm.

3. Crunches

On your back with feet firmly on the floor, put your hands against both sides of your head and keep the elbows in. Do not interlock your fingers. Only roll the shoulders up off the floor, while keeping the muscles of the lower back planted on it to isolate the abdominal muscles better. Exhale while contracting the abdominals as you raise your shoulders four inches off the floor. At the top of this action, contract your abdominals furiously and hold the contraction for a second. Lower your shoulders to the floor, and continue doing as many repetitions as you feel comfortable with.







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