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3 Arm Exercises for Women

Arm exercises for women are aimed at getting women the toning in their arms that they know they deserve. The dilemma with arm exercises for women is the risk of injury. For women, they must know precisely how to do each arm exercise in the correct way in order to lower the risk of causing injury to themselves. The real nagging issue with arm fat is that women have a harder time trying to cover it up as opposed to fat on other parts of their bodies, like on their derriere, hips or thighs. Clothing just makes it easier to hide the fat in those areas of the body, but with the arms, it's a whole lot tougher to conceal.

1. Skull Crushers

The best arm exercise for women is the somewhat intimidating-sounding Skull Crushers, but it is above all else effective. If done in the right way, you will note the improvement in your arm-toning endeavor. On a bench, grip a light barbell and lift it so that your palms are facing the roof. Move the weight of the barbell to the back so that both your triceps are directed behind you as opposed to straight up. Once you assume this position, lift the barbell until you reach full extension with both of your arms, and then lower it slowly and carefully so that you obtain a proper stretch. Repeat this repetition for as long as it doesn't hurt and without feeling any strain. Use a spotter if you need help with the weight.

2. Barbell Bicep Curls

The second arm exercise for women is the barbell bicep curl. Begin by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and then moving the barbell straight up. In this exercise, you want to raise your chest in such a way that your shoulders are lower than your chest, yet your back is still straight. Curl the barbell in such a way that it's right above your pectoral muscles. To complete a repetition, just bring the barbell back down in a slow and controlled fashion. In order to derive the greatest benefits from this exercise, you have to keep your elbows close to your sides at all times. Make certain that both of your elbows do not move during the repetition.

3. Cable Curls

This arm exercise requires the use of a cable machine, but it is worth it since you can expect noticeable and quick results if you do cable curls correctly. This exercise is like the barbell bicep curls, but on a cable machine and with the extra benefit of constant tension from the machine. This constant tension works to always pull down the weight, thereby exercising your arms with greater force. A note of caution regarding this exercise is that you should not try to handle a great deal of weight, because the tension from the cables already makes this challenging enough.

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