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Working Out with Hydro Tone Bells

If you’re one of those many people looking for new ways to exercise and improve your fitness schedule, working out with Hydro Tone Bells might just be for you. These innovative fitness tools help individuals to work through some of the common problems with everyday “power workouts” and work muscles more effectively for fat burning, advanced cardio capacity, better agility and poise, and improvement of overall body response.

What are Hydro Tone Bells?

Hydro Tone Bells are essentially fitness tools for the upper body. The “bell” generally indicates a hand-held tool. For example, kettlebells are dumbbells that the user swings through the air by a handle. Hydro Tone Bells are bells that are held underwater. Using Hydro Tone Bells involves working out in an aquatic environment, something that’s getting a lot of popularity as more and more people are realizing some of its therapeutic and rejuvenating effects.

Working Out In Water: What’s the Big Deal?

There are a number of reasons that working out in an aquatic environment can be really good for your body. One of the most basic ones is the issue of impact. You may have heard of people mentioning running or other outdoor activities as “high impact.” Although this doesn’t mean that running is bad, what can happen with unlimited running or similar activities is that even as the body’s health increases with better heart and lung health, there is a negative effect on the joints. With impact activities, including heavy weights and contact exercises, the bone and surrounding tissues of the joint are getting repetitively pounded throughout the session. This can, in some cases, lead to a deterioration of the joint. With aquatic activities like Hydro Tone Bells, a lot of this impact is avoided because of the passive-resistance that the water provides for the whole body.

Another good point of underwater workouts is the elimination of what’s called “eccentric” muscle contractions. In general activities, there are a set of concentric and eccentric contractions. Underwater, it’s different. One way to think of this is that the waters resistance makes every movement “more deliberate” in ways that classic activities don’t. This helps to prevent some of the soreness that people associate with a power workout.

Getting Into Hydro Tone Bells

If you’re looking to get involved in this kind of exercise, one of the best ways is to get booked into aquatic environments in your local gym or health club. You can get your own set of Hydro Tone Bells through the mail and use them in your pool environment to boost your muscle tone without much of the chances of injury that accompany classic fixed and free weight machines. Think about adding Hydro Tone Bells to your fitness toolkit, but ask your trainer or doctor about any changes in your routine before taking on additional fitness challenges.

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