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Will the Wii Fit Motivate You?

 When it comes to looking for new ways to improve physical fitness routines, many of those who are stuck in a fitness rut can get help from some unlikely sources, including the Wii Fit. The Wii Fit is a video game console from Nintendo. It includes some specific equipment that helps measure body mass, body positioning and upper and lower body motions through sensors. The Wii Fit combines this information with a fun graphic interface, creative and inventive games and fitness activities.

Who Is Likely to Get Motivated

The Wii Fit system is a good match for people who like to try new things. Using the Wii Fit helps people "mix it up" and develop new sets of activities that can be more engaging than the usual fitness menu. For those who have become tired of standard free weight and fixed weight activities, running, calisthenics or other gym type activities, the Wii Fit can be just what's needed for breaking out of the routine and getting into a new and improved power workout. Those who like to be guided through activities will enjoy the virtual trainers and directive gaming activities, including downhill and slalom skiing and much more, that the Wii Fit package provides. Users of all ages can enjoy the extra games and fun activities that participants can access. As they progress, Wii Fit users will unlock more games and activities, helping to provide a progressive and personalized approach to fitness.

Who May Not Be Motivated

For those who need a particular structure in their workout, and have a hard time adapting to radically different fitness environments, the Wii Fit might not be as helpful. In order to utilize the benefits of this system, users should take the frequent body testing sessions provided, and take the time to develop their personal avatars and check on their "online" progress. The Wii Fit provides a lot of continual observation about your body weight, agility skills and more. The problem for some people is the interface. Some kinds of fitness enthusiasts have a hard time meshing physical activity with a video game environment. They may quickly become bored with the range of activities they have unlocked, or lose momentum while fiddling with wires and power buttons. Just like any digital interface environment, the Wii Fit takes time to learn and effort to master.

Motivating Factors in the Wii Fit

As mentioned, the Wii Fit process starts with creating your own personalized avatar and doing agility tests that will show you your "fitness age." You can then select either a male or female virtual trainer and begin working out. Yoga, aerobics, light resistance training and much more are provided. For those who want to focus less on technical training and more on dexterity challenges, users can select from a variety of games and activities including skiing, soccer dodges, table balancing and more. As Wii users participate in these activities, the system adds to a "training time bank" for keeping tabs on how much the games are contributing to actual fitness training.

Whether or not the Wii Fit will motivate you comes down to what kind of fitness environment you thrive in. For many, the innovations of the system help make fitness and physical activity more fun, and get individual players back on track to keep their bodies healthy.

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