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What Is a ThighMaster?

As one of the simplest exercise devices ever created, the ThighMaster does not at first seem to be very useful in helping one to exercise. However, it is this very simplicity that makes it so effective at helping you stay with an exercise regimen.


The ThighMaster was first called the “V-Bar,” so named because of its dual bars set into a “V” shape. The user simply places the ThighMaster between the knees and presses the bars together, causing resistance, which works the thigh muscles. However, the real beauty of the device is not due to how well it works your muscles—many other devices are more efficient—but is rather due to the simplicity, size, and quiet nature of the device itself. By making it easy to do a workout in front of a television, the ThighMaster makes it much more difficult to skip an exercise routine.


Of course, the ThighMaster need not be used just on the thighs; its small size allows it to be used by any muscle that uses an angle to press the device together, such as the hamstrings of a single leg, the biceps of an arm, or between the hands, elbows or feet of two limbs. This allows the device to be used to exercise many different muscles, including the biceps.

An easy way to work out multiple muscle groups with the ThighMaster in front of a television would be to start with your hands. Hold the “V” with the point facing away from you, with one hand on each bar, and push the bars together slightly. Then, while continuing this motion, stretch your muscles by reaching high into the air, then reaching down to the ground while bending your knees, still pushing the bars together slightly. Repeat two to three dozen repetitions of this until you feel warmed up.

Once you're warmed up, turn the television on and sit on the edge of a chair, with the ThighMaster between your knees, and the point of the “V” pointing straight down. Then just squeeze ten times in a row followed by a short rest, then repeat ten more times followed by another short rest. Repeat these repetitions five times for a total of fifty times. As you squeeze each time, exhale deeply, only inhaling once you release. This workout concentrates on your inner thighs.

Then hold the ThighMaster between your elbows with the point of the “V” straight up, and your forearms resting alongside the bars of the device. Squeeze five repetitions of ten a piece to concentrate on your chest.


There also a number of exercises that can be done using the ThighMaster, but most of them cannot be done while watching television. If you don't plan on using the ThighMaster while doing other things, like watching television, then it may be more efficient for you to use a different exercise machine, or even no machine whatsoever. The pylometric squat, for example, has better results on thigh muscles without the use of any equipment whatsoever, but requires movement of the head which makes it difficult to simultaneously watch television or pay attention to other visual devices.


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