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What Is a Fitness Disc?

A fitness disc is a versatile and inexpensive workout tool that can be used to tone your entire body. Resembling a frisbee, a  fitness disc allows you to slide your feet, knees or hands along the floor. The small plate extends your range of motion during exercises such as lunges, squats, and push ups. The gliding action is zero to low impact, so it reduces the risk of joint injury, and it helps to strengthen core muscles as you work on stability. The discs are an easy way to add some fun to a stale routine. You can also use them to push a moderate workout further on a limited budget.

The fitness discs on the market are relatively similar to each other. They can be either round or oblong. Users say that the round discs are easier to use when performing diagonal moves although they are harder to control when you are just learning how to use them. The oblong discs are a better match for the shape of hands and feet and are easier to learn with, but they make diagonal moves more difficult. The discs can be purchased with a nylon base created for use on hardwood floors or a plastic base for carpets or rugs. The discs are usually sold in pairs and can include an instructional DVD. Some gyms even offer fitness disc classes.

Cardio Routines

Fitness discs can spice up your regular workout by putting a new twist on old moves. Cardio exercises can be incorporated by doing moves that are similar to speed skating. The discs allow you to increase your range of motion without harming your joints. Your lower body will get a serious workout while you increase your endurance. As an added bonus, your core muscles are always engaged as you work to keep stabilized on the discs. You will have a continuous, fluid workout that helps you build flexibility, burn fat, and sculpt muscles.

Toning Exercises

You can tone every major area of your body by adding fitness discs to your traditional toning routine. Place them under your feet for lower body exercises, and place them under your hands for upper body moves. By using the discs for toning, you incorporate multiple muscle groups during a single exercise, and your core is always engaged. Add some weights for additional strength-training benefits.

Overall, fitness discs are not a magical solution for weight loss or building muscle. They are, however, a great tool to keep you motivated with new and innovative workouts. Fitness discs are also a good solution for travelers, as they are easy to transport. They can be a reasonable solution for people that are looking for a workout that will not injure their joints, such as those that are recovering from injuries or surgery. Add the discs to your home gym to extend your regimen and liven up your routine. Be careful not to overdo it during your initial workout. You may not realize just how many muscles are engaged during a fitness disc workout until the next morning.

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