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What Do Your Athletic Shoes Say about You?

Athletic shoes come in various types and brands. There is a shoe for each sport. There may be a general idea of what an athletic shoe is, but in a more specific light an athletic shoe has various forms and uses.

The type of shoe you have on says a lot about who you are and what you plan on doing. To determine what your athletic shoes say about you it is essential to examine: shoe type, shoe use, foot type and shoe condition.

Shoe Type

The first thing someone figures by looking at your shoes is what sport or exercise you plan on doing. If you have on high-top shoes, then you are probably headed to the basketball court. And if you are wearing a comfortable running shoe, then a run may be in order.

The feel and comfort also say a lot about the shoe. The bottom of a shoe is probably the most crucial aspect to the shoe. No matter if its basketball or running, the bottom will act as protection against the impact. If your rubber sole is flopping because it is old and coming apart, then it says you need new shoes if you plan on getting athletic.

Athletic shoes can come in high, mid- or low-top forms. The ankle height of a shoe can help determine what use you want from them.

Shoe Use

Shoes are crucial to every sport and exercise. Mini-spikes on the soles are good for track and golf. A cushioned high-top shoe protects the basketball player from ankle sprains during the various moments of jumping up for rebounds. The type determines the use. You want to get the most out of the shoe, so a shoe that caters to your specific needs to a critical part of athletic success.

If you are wearing a pair of broken in, yet very comfortable running shoes, then it would appear you are ready for a big run.

Foot Type

No two pairs of feet are the same. Finding the right shoe and fit matters to how you will look in them. Athletic shoes can be brand new, but still not feel good on your feet. So you must determine your gait and how your feet impact the surface. Knowing these things will help you find the right fit. Having the right fit says you are serious about getting the most out of your athletic shoes.

Shoe Condition

Athletic shoes take a beating through too much use. Whatever the sport or exercise, the shoes decrease in comfort the longer you use them. Therefore, a raggedy, old pair says that you either need new ones or you are not serious about your feet. However, if you are serious, then you will know when a replacement is needed. The looks of a shoe says plenty.

The style, feel and condition of your athletic shoes says much about your attitude, intentions and intensity. For athletics, the shoes you wear are the building blocks to whatever success you will have. Find the right pair, so you can send a message that you are ready for action. 

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