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Water Aerobic Equipment: Using Water Fan Paddles

Water fan paddles are a piece of water aerobic equipment that can be used during aquatic exercise as a way to increase muscular strength and tone. While these fans can be used by anyone, they are typically preferred by the individuals who have joint problems or arthritis and prefer non-impact exercises such as those performed in the water.

What Are Water Fan Paddles?

Before understanding how to use water fan paddles in your water aerobics routine, it is important to understand exactly what they are. Water fan paddles are pieces of exercise equipment that are approximately the same size and shape as ping-pong paddles and can be used in accordance during aerobic water exercise to increase strength training effects.

Water fan paddles can typically be found at most sporting goods stores and can sometimes also be found at home improvement stores. When choosing water fan paddles, make sure that you are selecting the right size. The larger the paddle, the more difficult the exercises will be.

Using Water Fan Paddles

For best results, water fan paddles should be used as an extension of your hand to perform various exercises in the water of the pool in which you are exercising. For example, one great way to use water fan paddles is in the performance of water bicep curls. To do this exercise, start by holding one paddle in each hand with your arms relaxed in front of your body. Flex your elbows, and bring the paddles up towards your shoulders. Remember that the faster your lift the paddles, the more difficult the exercise will be.

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