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Water Aerobic Equipment: Using Aquatic Training Shoes

Whether you are injured or you want to do some cross training in the water, water aerobic equipment is important, and specifically, aquatic training shoes. Aquatic training shoes are used in both non-impact aquatic training (aqua jogging in the deep end of the pool where your feet don't touch the bottom) and low-impact aquatic training (aqua jogging in the shallow end of the pool where your feet touch the bottom). Aquatic training shoes can also be used for certain types of water aerobics and swimming.

Simulate Running Conditions

If you have tried aquatic jogging before, you know how much easier it is than running outside or on a treadmill. One reason aquatic shoes are used is to simulate running by making it easier to increase your heart rate. This way you don't have to "sprint" in the water in order to get your heart rate up. The aquatic training shoes increase resistance, making it harder to run and therefore easier to achieve your target heart rate.

Aquatic Training Shoes vs. Running Shoes

Aquatic training shoes are used just like running shoes. Aquatic training shoes protect and support your foot during movement. The difference is that aquatic training shoes are made from different materials than regular running shoes, so they won't get soggy. Aquatic running shoes also have "gills" for water to drain out. Like regular running shoes, you can buy aquatic training shoes with varying levels of cushioning and arch support, depending on your individual foot and running gait.

Using Aquatic Training Shoes

You should treat your aquatic training shoes like your track spikes. Don't walk around in them, and only use them for training. Your aquatic training shoes should come with a bag. Bring the bag into the pool area and put on your shoes right before you get in. Take your shoes off when you get out, before you go to the locker room.

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