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Using the Wii Fit for Fitness

The Wii Fit is a package for the newest Nintendo console, the Wii, that helps individuals train and develop good fitness habits while offering fun and engaging activities through a unique interface. This great new release from Nintendo has a lot of potential to bring some health and wellness value to a previously sedentary activity, and reinvent how we look at video gaming.

About the Wii

The Nintendo Wii uses a proprietary sensor system to provide an interaction between the human body and the various games and activities used by the console. This revolutionary technology helps to get more physical activity into traditional video game activities. It also expands the scope of what a gaming console can do.

The Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii Fit is a great illustration of the Wii's capacity. It combines a wide range of games and activities with a specific fitness training setup that's aimed at encouraging individual users to establish better fitness with a good body mass index, regular aerobic training, and developing skill sets for agility and overall body response, as well as range of motion.

The Wii Fit Training Guide

Users of the Wii Fit can choose a male or female personal trainer who will appear on the screen and guide users through a variety of fitness training exercises, including resistance training, yoga and aerobic activities. There is also a battery of fitness tests included in the Wii Fit introduction, where an animated icon informs users about their current state of fitness. Aspects of these tests include balance, weight distribution, dexterity and more. All of this adds up to a powerful tool for getting regular training into your schedule and developing more knowledge about the state of your body.

Additional Wii Fit Activities

The Wii Fit also includes a variety of yoga poses, aerobic training and games. Many of these are practiced through using a Wii Fit balance board, where sensors in the horizontal component deliver information about how the human body is shifting and moving. Another sensor mounted near the console delivers information related to upper body movement.

Other activities include running, using hula hoops, virtual skiing and much more. Wii Fit users can play point-scoring competitive games that further develop some of the same muscle groups and body responses as the above activities. As Wii Fit users play, they unlock more games and challenges for a progressive training environment over time. The Wii Fit console stores information about the user, to provide them with eventual weight loss or gain, lists of challenges met, and "a training time bank" status for showing them how much of their fitness goals they attained.

Overall, the Wii Fit package brings some very unique assistance to individuals who want to develop better body responses, range of motion and overall fitness in an interactive learning environment. Lots of trainers are looking at the Wii Fit package as a model of how to engage fitness participants, and families who want to invest in the newest and best fitness tools are looking at the Wii Fit as a way to renovate their health in the 21st century.

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