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The Shake Weight: Worth the Purchase?

The Shake Weight is a fitness product that boasts the look and feel of a dumbbell, but offers a shaking movement to engage more muscles while utilizing different movements. There are many fitness products on the market, with many of them becoming more dynamic every day. Each one claims to shorten the time you need to work out, while giving you the same or better results. Before you spend the money or consider a new fitness product, you should consider whether the product is worth the time and money.

Shake Weight Claims

The makers of the Shake Weight claim the weight will engage more muscles and build more strength throughout your arms, chest and shoulders in just a few minutes a day. After a few weeks of use, your arms, chest and shoulders will be sculpted. They also claim to use the concept of "Dynamic Inertia," by which the makers conclude that the weight causes your muscles to build because of small movements. They also talk about how you'll "feel" it right away, which is among their proofs of the product working.

Why It Doesn't Work

While consumers may feel the weight moving and working, it doesn't mean that the movement is positive. Many movements can cause your body to be tired without actually building muscle. The triceps and biceps are among the smallest muscles of the body, and to build strength you need a large range of motion to break down the muscles more thoroughly. Because these muscles are small, they have little or no impact on your chest or shoulder muscles while being worked. They also have little effect on your metabolic rate and cardio burn. Triceps and biceps are essential to work to tone these specific areas, and isolated toning is one of the most beneficial methods of weight training. The Shake Weight's design isn't supported by the way the triceps and biceps build muscle.

Risk of Purchasing

When a product is debuted on TV, that is often the only way to purchase it until retailers pick up the item. The risk when you purchase an item online is you are unable to try it first. You also have the risk of returning the item in a set period of time to get a refund or response to your refund request.

As with any new fitness product, the Shake Weight offers a quick solution to a dynamic problem. To know whether the purchase is a good one for you, assess your fitness needs and the route you want to take to get there. One of the best ways to know if a Shake Weight is a good investment for you is to speak with a trusted fitness professional. Explain what your fitness needs are and the type of workout you have the time and motivation for. They will be able to custom tailor a workout just for you. The likelihood of it involving the Shake Weight are pretty low. Most fitness trainers know the only way to the body you want is through the hard work you put into it. There's no magic pill or product to transform your body.



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