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New Treadmill Improvements: Utilizing a Longer Running Surface

One of the new treadmill improvements as of late has been the introduction of a longer running surface. The treadmill has long been a favorite of exercise enthusiasts, as it is a piece of equipment that simulates both walking and running while you stay in one place. The exercise machine is made out of a platform in motion that has a conveyor belt along with an electric motor. The movement of the conveyor belt is towards the rear of the machine, permitting a person to either run or walk at a degree of speed that is equal to the movement of the conveyor belt. There are people who are in favor of both a longer running surface as well as a shorter, more conventional one.

Taller Runners

Utilizing a longer running surface on your treadmill is an improvement if you are a taller person who has been upset for years that the running surfaces of treadmills in the past came short of accommodating your height. After taking into consideration the complaints of taller people, new treadmill makers have finally begun making treadmills that are practical even for the longer legs of taller people. Before the introduction of longer treadmills for tall people, runners had to make do with the very inconvenient situation of having to take shorter strides on the treadmill. It goes without saying that this inconvenience encumbered them from properly using the treadmill as well as getting in as effective a workout as possible. With longer surfaces, taller people can now really let loose when running.


A longer running surface on new treadmills today does not just aid the taller people in the marketplace. It also helps those people who are beginners by giving them a boost of confidence. Beginners will get on a treadmill and endure feelings of not being entirely sure what to expect from the machine, especially if they want to try their luck with the more intense activity of treadmill-running. A longer running surface, thus, gives beginners who are unsure of themselves the chance to feel a greater deal of security as they steady themselves on the new treadmill for the first few tries. A longer running surface will probably also work toward lessening the chances or the times that a beginner could lose their balance, as they would then be able to quickly steady themselves by just putting their foot down on the longer surface.

Problems Adjusting

A longer treadmill running surface may actually hurt your ability to be able to adjust to running outside, where the terrain is not perfectly flat and even. Your neuromuscular system has the ability to adjust and correct for terrain that you run on that is not even or smooth, such as that outside. This is beneficial to you because it helps you attain better control, power and balance. A treadmill's longer running surface, however, will only worsen your inability to do this.

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