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An Introduction to the Weight Plate

The weight plate is equipment that is meant to supply added resistance to both dumbbells as well as barbells. The weight plate works to add resistance to plate-loaded weight machines. This piece of equipment can be made from various kinds of materials. Cement-filled plastic, cast iron and steel are the most common. You can easily identify them by their shape: octagonal or rounded with a hole in the middle to fit an Olympic barbell or a standard one. Historically, the first plate-loaded barbells began appearing sometime around the later part of the 19th century. Today, a weight plate is standard in any gym and is said to be the central aspect of any decent gym or exercise facility.

Body Parts Meant to be Worked Out

The weight plate exercises quite a few different body parts during a workout. First and foremost, your muscles are targeted, but your ligaments and tendons get a workout, too. In addition, your bones are worked out to the point that with regular weight lifting, you can expect a reasonable increase in their density. Working with a weight plate can help to strengthen your bones. They will be less likely to develop osteoporosis, which is a disease that weakens bones and makes them more susceptible to breakage. Your metabolism also will get a boost and your metabolic rate will be healthier from your exercise with a weight plate, as will your postural support.

Safety and Proper Use with a Weight Plate

The weight plate is an integral part of weight training, but before you begin a workout with a weight plate, you should always consult a doctor due to the intensity involved with weight training in general. Weight training can be very hard on the body and it's best to avoid pushing yourself too hard in order to avoid any injuries. When you exercise with a weight plate, you are using barbells, so you must always ensure that you have someone spotting you due to safety reasons. Plus, you don't want to lift a weight that's too heavy. The weight that is listed on a plate is not always accurate. It is advisable to actually weigh it yourself to see that the number is correct. Weight plates sometimes have significant variations between them, so this last check before using it can be helpful.

Types of Exercises

Though the weight plate is an ultra-simple piece of exercise equipment, its different uses are quite varied. A type of exercise using the weight plate is the bosu squat press. Here, you get an intermediate and full body strength workout that also builds up the strength in your shoulders and legs while improving your coordination and balance. Another kind of exercise is called the Around the World. Here, you receive a real workout for your shoulders as the anterior, lateral and posterior deltoids get exercised in a rotating movement. While strengthening your rotator cuff muscles, too, this workout is great as a precursor to any upper-body workout.

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