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An Introduction to the Weight Bench

The weight bench is a piece of equipment that is constructed for use in weight training, but it also looks just like any old bench. Weight benches come in all shapes and sizes, with a few examples being the fixed inclined bench, the fixed horizontal bench, the fixed folded position bench, the adjustable portion bench, the more-than-one-adjustable-portion bench and the racks with bar bench.

Historically, the weight bench has its roots in strength training, which first started in ancient Greece when Milo of Croton used to carry young calves on his back daily until they became fully grown. Today, the weight bench comes from any number of manufacturers and a huge selection of prices, features and qualities.

Body Parts that Get the Workout

Since working out on the bench press is a power exercise which is supposed to target the chest and also add strength to the upper body, the muscles that get the workout on the weight bench are your shoulder, chest and tricep muscles. Bodybuilders and weightlifters often go to the weight bench for exercises like the bench press, which is why their upper body and torso are so well built and developed. Differing types of the weight bench take care of different types of muscles. For instance, if you want to build up your pectoral muscles, you will then go to a workout which involves either the declined or the inclined bench, with the former targeting your lower pectoral muscles and the latter targeting your upper pectoral muscles.

Safe and Proper Use of the Weight Bench

You should always take it easy when exercising on a weight bench, especially if you have no one to spot you in the event that you're doing a bench press. You must not exceed a weight limit that is comfortable for you to lift; you know the weight is excessive if it forces you to use improper form to lift it. Improper form during use of the weight bench can lead to injuring yourself, so avoid this at all costs. Also use differing weights for different goals. For instance, if you want to build bulk, use weights that are heavy enough to tire out your muscles quickly. Further, if you want to merely tone your muscles, then you must switch to using lighter weights.

Types of Exercise on the Weight Bench

You can elect to do some dumbbell flies, which will have you with your back on the bench and your feet on the floor. Hold your dumbbells in a pronated grip, and push them upwards with your arms facing each other. Lower the dumbbells by only slightly bending your elbows. The next exercise is just the basic lift. With your arms bent a little, push the dumbbells up; stop and then move them downwards when the dumbbells are above your chest. Repeat these repetitions several times over.

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